Jewellery Casting Class Gift Voucher

Jewellery Casting Class Gift Voucher


3 Hour Jewellery Making Class with Filip Vanas (jewellery casting or cufflinks making)


An exciting class full of experimenting and unexpected results. Students will learn how to prepare a mould using “Delft Clay” by filling up a casting flask with special fine sand (clay) and impressing an object into it. Then they will learn how to cut out casting channel and air vents, assemble the mould together and will watch the instructor to pour molten silver into it. They will then remove the cast from the mould, cut off cast items from sprues, smooth out imperfections with files and emery sticks and learn how to solder on an attachment to turn the cast into a pendant or other jewellery item. Price includes upto 10g of silver, extra can be purchased during the class at cost price.

Gift voucher is valid for 1 year, class can be booked online with code provided or by contacting us by email at or phone at 087 791 2194

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